#121 – Who Dat Hash

SaintsFirst and foremost: WHO DAT!

Second, I want to go ahead and say “I told you so”. Now, I know what most of you are saying: “Like crap you did, Pastor.”, or if you’re Fill Me Up, “I can’t believe I rooted for the Colts – how much do I suck?”

Well, I can prove it. I want to take you to a day in VooDoo History, back to September 7th, when I posted up the information for that week’s hash, #98 – Tight Ends and Wide Receivers.

Quoth the Pastor:

“This Sunday is the first Saints game of the regular season. And by regular season, I mean awesome season. And by awesome season, I mean THE season. Finally.”

See? I told you so.

So, this weeks hash (surprisingly not (co-) hared by me), has a Saints theme. Duh.
That dirty Colts lover Fill Me Up, but apparently she has a busted knee. I’m sure that “knee” is the new, hip, street-lingo for “pride”, but I could be wrong, and it could actually be her knee.

Also a note: Muses will be rolling around this location that night, so parking might be tricky. If you have hashers in your area, try to carpool.

Hares: Shiver Me Nipples (Virgin Lay!) and Tidy Bowl Man
When: February 11th, 6:30 pm
Where: Samuel Square – Loyola and Napoleon
Pre-Lube: Fat Harry’s (St. Charles and Napoleon), 5ish
Theme: SAAAAAAAIIIIIIINTS! (Black and Gold!)

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  1. Fill Me Up says:

    Anyone interested in having some drinks at Superior before the hash? You should get there early cause of the peeraid and no parking. Any other place interesting near Napoleon and Loyola? Not Fat Harry’s, it still smells like puke.

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