Laser Tag


What’s that?  That’s the sweet, sweet sound of LASER TAG!  As I announced in Circle last night, I’m trying to get a group of people together to do some laserin’ and taggin’ over at Adventure Quest off of Clearview in March or April (in front of the Fox and Hound).

It goes like this:  I’ll be talking with the person who brokered the deal for our Kickball league this past June on the 23rd of this month, but we were privy to a nobody-but-us-allowed, overnight (Friday) experience (11p – 2a), wherein we needed a minimum of 25 people, each ponying up $24 bucks a pop, and in return we were allowed a ginormous (Webster has officially declared this a word now) bag of tokens with which to play Guitar Hero, DDR, Air Hockey, among other arcade favorites, too many Laser Tag bouts to count, and Bumper Cars.

You heard me:  BUMPER CARS.

Oh, did I mention we could bring whatever booze we wanted in with us, too?  Yeah.  So, we brought our coolers and cases of beer, acted like a bunch of drunken, tag-happy morons, and slammed the hell outta each other in the Bumper Car arena, all to the delight of the teenagers who were left in charge.  They eventually rounded us up at 2:30am, where we all were allowed to turn in our tickets for prizes.  I remember there being Pizza, and I’ll ask if that was part of the deal, or not.

So, since March and April are slow (weekends that will not work are 3/19-3/20, 3/27-3/28, 4/2-4/3, and I’m sure there are more), I thought if we got together now in time for me to ask about getting the same deal, we could do this reasonably quickly.  I know about 8 of you have already expressed interest, and since this is open to whoever wants to come (I’m not sure if they have a maximum limit, but I’ll ask), I think getting 25 is a no-brainer.

PS:  The only drawback is you need two hands to shoot with, so I’d suggest a Camelbak.  That is all.


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  1. Just Jason says:

    How about 3/12-3/13?

    For anyone doing the CCC or Ironman, the first week or two of April might be a conflict of interest.

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