VooDoo #89 – Put the FUN in Funeral!

VooDoo89 - FUNeralHares: Tidy Bowl Man and Juggling Whore-A-Fist
Location: Elysian Fields Ave and Chartres St. (The old Schoen Funeral Home)
When: July 9th, 7pm

We Will Start at the OLD Schoen FUNeral Home Elysian Fields Ave and Chartres St. It’s been closed, and in a move fitting for New Orleans, is now owned by the New Orleans Rum company. I’d suggest that if you’d rather come as a FUNeral type thing, that might be FUN too because we gotta keep the FUN in FUNeral.  :)

Since this is the Dead Celebraties Hash Run, you should come as one of the dead celeb’s and most recent ones ARE appropriate!  Since most of these celebs are actors, you have so many options – don’t just think the person, think the characters they played! i.e., Karl Malden, Street Car named Desire, Farrah: Charlie’s Angels, Michael Jackson: well, in his case fact is more diverse than fiction!

To quote Tidy Bowl man, “I am so funny, I kill myself!!!

If for some reason you need help with some recent dead celebrities, here’s a few:
Farrah, Michael Jackson, David Caradine (auto-erotic asphyxiation in Thailand!), Ed McMahon, Karl Malden, Ernie K-Do (not-so-recent) or his wife (local celebs)

Pick a body, any body will do!

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  1. paul a smith / Hare Lip says:

    Go Tidy Bowl Man !!! stay off’n them railroad tracks. !!! Have been thinking of ya’ll..I will be doin a Hash up here as well…On da rag will tell ya…

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