Trail # 324 Red Skirt Run! Lick Her Twice & Mystery Hares

It’s that time in New Orleans. August rolls around.  Everyone is hot, sweaty, and cranky.  Tourism hits an all-time low.  Service industry starts eating Ramen to make it until football season.  Harrierettes on their period rejoice at the prospect of wearing RED. It is time.  Red time.  Red dress time.  What? No. This is Voodoo.  We don’t put on events for thousands of people.  That’s too much work.  Skirts are also sluttier than dresses.  That crap’s too classy for the likes of us. Instead we do our regular ol’ trail on Thursday as usual.  No extra rego.  $1 and a 6 pack.  Voodoo … Continue ReadingTrail # 324 Red Skirt Run! Lick Her Twice & Mystery Hares

#265 – Red Skirt Run

Cum one, Cum all! You will be rewarded with an awesome live trail and beer at this year’s RED SKIRT RUN. We hope you’re ready to get down and dirty in the French Quarter, use your imagination on the things we are going to do to you. That being said, it might be in your best interest to bring a change of clothes- if you are lucky, we will get you wet. Big thanks to Chix-4-Lay for working up a special hashy House of Blues deal. Show up for pre-lube and get a $10 beer bucket special and such. Friday’s … Continue Reading#265 – Red Skirt Run

#249 – Wetter is Better!

Get your speedos, lucky ducks, and a change of clothes ready, this week’s hash will actually involve some high-quality H20.  This is also Lick Her Twice’s first time haring, so be sure to congratulate her on a terrible job done. Date: Thursday, April 19th Theme: “Wetter is Better” Start:  Meet in the parking lot across from the City Park golf club house on Filmore Ave. Time: 6:30pm show, 7:00pm go Hares: Dick’s a Flava, Lick Her Twice (VIRGIN LAY!) Cost: $1 (bills only plz) and a 6 pack (or more if you plan to drink more). Bring: Waterproof whistle, waterproof flashlight, $1, … Continue Reading#249 – Wetter is Better!