Trail #854: Hashgiving

Come and celebrate a Hashgiving with your Voodoo family! In addition to trail that night, we will be feasting and celebrating our friendship with a pot lock Thanksgiving at We Knew About The Penis and Singer Schlongrideher’s house. MM will be providing a whole lot of beer. Schedule: Trail is 1:30 show, 2:00 go. It will be a beer mile. Meal will begin at 3:30. Other details: Dinner will be potluck style. If you are joining for dinner, look at the following to see what other people are bringing:…/11G…/viewanalytics Then, decide what you will bring and fill out the … Continue ReadingTrail #854: Hashgiving

Trail #853: Life Day

A longstanding Wookiee tradition, Life Day celebrates the values and tenets of Wookiee culture, including family, joy, and harmony. While Life Day is a celebration traditionally held on Kashyyyk and observed by extended Wookiee families, Wookiees throughout the galaxy still mark the day. Here on Earth we remember it with the truly spectacular travesty that is the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. So bring your red robes, your glowing orbs, flannels, beards, Wookies, pet smugglers, snarky robots, or maybe even a hammer with which you intend to destroy the original master recording. (If you come to the backyard on-after please … Continue ReadingTrail #853: Life Day

Trail #852: Cupcakes and Shots

November 10th is both National Vanilla Cupcake Day and World Immunization Day. This is relevant because your hare is a pretty good baker, and she spent most of October with her lungs full of glue because she didn’t get her flu shot early enough. So, come for your best chance to snag the hare in ages, stay for the shot-infused cupcake stop. Also, get your flu shot (but not at trail). And your COVID booster (again, not at trail). Date: Thursday, November 10 Time: 6:30pm show, 7:00pm GO! Start Address: Lafitte Greenway at N Rocheblave St (2500 Lafitte Ave, 70119) … Continue ReadingTrail #852: Cupcakes and Shots

Trail #851: Halloween Hangover

Halloween is over. Now get back to work, peasant! You may no longer give candy to stranger’s kids while dressed up as Throat Goat (aka Nancy Reagan). You will march from the start of trail to receive beer rations, which will be withheld if you have not created sufficient value for shareholders. Acts of rebellion, such as wearing a costume, will be met with swift and unforgiving punishment (wear a costume). Theme: Halloween Hangover Start Address: Upperline street, just below Freret, near the empty lot Hare & Co-hares: We Knew About the Penis Beer hare: MILF Pre-Lube: Another Bar On-After: … Continue ReadingTrail #851: Halloween Hangover


Black Dress, a Voodoo H3 tradition, is the same day as All Saints’ Day. The holiday is one of three days meant to celebrate the deceased. Come on out for an evening in your finest black attire and follow trail to pay your respects (flowers and candles are customary) and drink a beer with friends after. Bring: $1 (no coins); 6-pack (glass discouraged), whistle, flashlight Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2022 Time: 6:30pm show, 7:00pm GO! Theme: BLACK DRESS Start Address: Cabrini Bridge (Cabrini High School side) Hare & Co-hares: In the Kitchen Beer hare: TBD Pre-Lube: Pal’s Lounge On-After: Pal’s … Continue ReadingTrail #850: BLACK DRESS RUN