Trail #753: Krewe of House Floats, Part Un

Come one, come all to Part Un of Voodoo’s, hopefully never an anal, Krewe of House Floats Uptown tour! You thought you liked looking at Halloween and Christmas decorations well you were WRONG. Celebrate Fat Tuesday and work off your many drowned sorrows and fat king cake bodies safely #mask up. Please please please dress to impress – this may be your big chance to costume (part un de deux – you will get a chance next week when we take our house float tour to another neighborhood) and I want to give back joy and appreciation to all the … Continue ReadingTrail #753: Krewe of House Floats, Part Un

Trail #752: Founder’s Day!

Theme: Founder’s Day (virtual trail) Hares: The Iceman Thumbeth and ¿Quesa-did-her? Special guests: The founding members of Voodoo! Dental Dam-zel is organizing a bunch of the wankers who started Voodoo, now scattered to the far corners of the globe, to join us for the virtual hash this week. If you’ve been hashing long enough to remember them, get a life! but first, stop by Circle to and bring some good, ancient-history-based accusations for them. If not, come pay some (dis)respect to your elders. You might learn some new old songs. Some of them will probably be in Japanese. Circle: The … Continue ReadingTrail #752: Founder’s Day!

Trail #751: Inauguration Inebriation Across the Nation

  Come pregame for the inauguration or run off your post inauguration hangover at this weeks trail!  The hare will be laying trail a day early and ensuring marks stay put so you can run anytime Wednesday evening – Friday! Post or send a pic of yourself competing trail to get credit. Zoom meeting will open at 8pm Thursday and Circle will start at 8:30pm. Visitors are encouraged to join the Zoom!   Bring: To Go Boozies,Koozies, & a mask (COVID is real). Also maybe some ice cream? Date: Thursday, 1/21/21 Time: Trail will be laid by 5pm Wednesday January … Continue ReadingTrail #751: Inauguration Inebriation Across the Nation

Trail #750: Put the Dick in Dickinson

I’m a ho, buddy! Who are you?Are you – a ho – too?Then there’s a pair of us!Let’s tell! Advertise & get dough! How boring – if you – say no, buddy!How teasing – like a Toad –To croak about – and joce all day –And blow your load – alone! Come celebrate the life – and death – of one of America’s most brilliant writers through a virtual trail designed to stimulate your mind as well as your body (giggity). Find within the easter eggs a clue for you – follow the clues to find a trail that is … Continue ReadingTrail #750: Put the Dick in Dickinson

Trail #749 – Home Sweet Home

Are you feeling homesick? Have you been unable able to visit your family due to the fuckery that was 2020? Well home is where the hard-on is, so transplant your ass to this week’s Voodoo trail and show us how they do it where you’re from. A prize will be given to the hasher who shows the most hometown pride. So Florida Men, let your freak flag fly, Buckeyes go buck wild, and Texpats show us how big you really are. Mm has some leftover beer from Nye. Bring your own if you want something fancy or if you’re gonna … Continue ReadingTrail #749 – Home Sweet Home