Trail #784: The Power is Yours!

Virtual hare: You

We’re the virtual hares!
You can be one too!
Cuz not driving unnecessarily is the thing to do.
The streets smell like hot garbage, tree limbs in the way.
Hear what dumpster gator has to say…
The Power is Yooours!

We’re having one more virtual trail on Thursday, September 9th while the city and region continue to recover. If you’re with other hashers, lay a pick-up trail. If you’re not, just run or walk a route of your choosing. Start where you want, BN where you want, ON IN where you want, and post photos, videos, and updates along the way.

Before 7 PM, we’ll post a video blessing of the hares/chalk talk.

A virtual circle will be held at 9 PM on Zoom. Click this link to join: The password for the Zoom room is onon. If you can’t make it, know that we’re with you in spirit(s).

Again, in lieu of Hash Cash, please consider donating to Krewe of Red Beans’ Feed the Second Line initiative ( or one of the dozens of other organizations doing great rescue and recovery work in the region.

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