Trail #719 – Night At The Museum

This week we’re exploring the streets and street art of Central City and the CBD. Central City and the CBD are both essential cultural icons of New Orleans. O.C. Haley Blvd, in the late 19th and 20th centuries, was a center of rapid commercial and cultural growth, and during the 1960s, Central City jump-started the Civil Rights Movement in New Orleans. In recent years, the CBD and Central City have seen a resurgence, memorialized and encapsulated through mural/street art. This trail will take you on a drunken, free-wheeling tour of some of New Orleans’ most iconic public art, so make sure you brush up on your local lore. (If you don’t feel comfortable coming to trail, Mr. hEd plans to post the google map, along with notes for each art stop, so you can do a self-guided tour if you so wish!)

Bring: $0 (trail is free until we can safely share ice, so bring your own cooler or thirst for warm beer); 6-pack (glass discouraged), whistle, flashlight/headlamp (no seriously bring a light, we cannot stress this enough)

Date: Thursday, June 18, 2020

Time: 6:30pm show, 7:00pm GO! Gotta start on time, so please show up on time.

Theme: Night At The Museum

Start Address: Van McMurray Playground (2000 Philip St., New Orleans, LA 70113)

Hare & Co-hares: Mr. hEd, Whordini, The Iceman Thumbeth

Beer hare:  In the Kitchen

Pre-Lube: Someday 🙁

On-After: Stop playing with my emotions 😿

Dog Friendly: Yes, extra rewarding if your dog is an erudite fuck who likes art

Is a dry bag, shiggy gear, or anything specific needed for trail? Bring a flashlight. Bring a flashlight. Bring a mother fucking flashlight. And maybe your phone if you like taking pictures of cool art?

Approx. -l-l-l–> length: 6.5 eagle, 5 turkey, 2.5 walkers. Pay attention to chalk talk so you don’t end up on the wrong trail!

Trail is A to Aish, meaning, don’t zen back to start because we won’t be there 😁

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