#234 – Brokeback’s Farewell Trail

Our dear Brokeback Dyke is leaving us for the fine city (well, I assume it’s fine– I’ve never been there) of Aiken, SC. I found out from the archives of this website that he was named in March of 2010; that’s at least two years with the Voodoo, so let’s all gather to give him a proper farewell. Bye, Dyke!… Until the camp out, that is. You know you can’t get rid of him for too long! Until then– have fun with the Peach Fuzz H3 in Augusta, GA!

Date: Thursday, February 2, 2012

Theme: “Dykes”… Uh, I guess this means lots of Doc Martens and plaid flannel.
Start: Octavia St & General Pershing St, New Orleans, LA 70125
Time: 6:30pm show, 7:00pm go
Hares: Brokeback Dyke
Cost: $1 (no coins) and a 6 pack (or more if you plan to drink more)
Bring: Whistle, flashlight, dental dams
Note: BRING WATER FOR YOUR DOGS. And keep them on a leash.

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