C’mon get Happi

If you’re a newly-named hasher or just new to the Voodoo, I bet you’re wondering how you can get one of those awesome happi coats.

What we need is ten hashers willing to fork over a paltry $40 each, so we can place an order. If you’re interested, talk to Fill Me Up (the queen bee) or Cock a Booty Boo (the one who takes your dollar every Thursday).*

Happi coats are a Japanese tradition– a summertime version of the kimono, originally printed with a family crest on the back, and primarily worn to festivals. They are a great way to represent your hash “family” when you travel to our own unique “festivals”. (InterAm, anyone…?)

Plus, all the cool kids have one, so you know you want one too.

*You can give me your $40 but I can’t guarantee it won’t be spent on cheap ale and loose men.

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