#208- RED SKIRT RUN!!!

Yes it is that time of the year again! So get ready to wear that new skirt, old skirt, red skirt, but not a blue skirt! And the same goes as last year! NO SKIRT, NO RUN!

If you remember last year we were short of beer at the end! To fix this problem we are going to stop at many a bar. So things to bring; A dollar (no coins, for rego),  a six pack (minimum), cash or something to use as a bar currency, a flash light, and a whistle. And new this week a photo ID to prove that you are of the legal drinking age. I hate to be a dick about this, but if you are not 21 you CAN NOT RUN with us, we are doing this because we don’t want out of town guests getting in trouble for you doing something stupid, and we are going to bars.


So to get to the fun stuff:

Time: 6:30 show, 7:00 GEUAX (aka: go)

Location: Esplanade neutral ground outside of the Mint (for out of townees look below)

Hares: Fill Me Up and Swamp Gravy

Theme: … do I really have to put this?



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