#171 – Hillbillies at the Mall

Honestly, I can’t look at Eyes up Here without thinking Hillbilly. It may be his awkward way of wearing clothes, his Pabst blue ribbon obsession, or just his goofy yankee accent. Anywho’s; we’re meeting up at the northside of the Lakeside Mall for a hillbilly hash. In the meantime, here are some hillbilly terms you may need to get acquainted with before Thursday. HillBilly Baby Maker; Hillbilly Bitch Slap; HillBilly Blow Job; Hillbilly Butt Baby;HillBilly Cream-Tea; HillBilly Threesome; and HillBilly Pickled.

Evertything Butt Sex

Hare: Eyes Up here and Just Lua (Virgin Lay)
Theme: Hillbilly
Location: North side of Lakeside Mall’s parking lot. Not the garage.
Time: THURSDAY, December 30th. 6:30pm Show. 7pm, Go!

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