Like Vikings! With Lasers on their heads!

When: Friday, March 5th, 11pm-2am
Adventure Quest, 1200 Clearview Pkwy, Metry, Bra (Near the Fox & The Hound and the Guitar Center)
$27 and some change (just bring $30 cash…they’ll sort through the change later)
Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, Arcade Game Happiness, Pizza, and BYOB

Alright, y’all, it’s finally here!  Laser Tag Lock-In, this Friday!  All we need is 25 people, and we’ve got 20 confirmed so far.  We can do it!  This outing involves absolutely no CHILDREN and therefore no SOBRIETY.  The Manager told me outside booze is acceptable since no other members of the ‘general public’ will be admitted (aka ‘Lame-o’s).  Now, the only real thing we have to do is figure out how we’re all getting there.

When you confirm through the evite, say whether or not you need a ride, have rides to offer (NOT mustache rides…this time), or will be meeting us at Adventure Quest.  The ‘Official Pre-Lube’ destination will be at Finn McCool’s (corner of Banks and S. Telemachus) beginning at 9pm.  If you need/want to carpool, meet up here.  It’s only a few blocks from the I-10 Ramp, and it’s not called ‘Mid-City’ for nothin’.  If we end up with more people who needs rides than people who want to drunk drive over to Metry and back, then we can just as easily get some cab vans together for a relatively cheap price.

There’s an NOH3 social that afternoon starting at 5pm at Gordon Biersch, as well, which I hope to attend to round up some drunken NOH3 Hashers :)  That can be the official pre-pre-pre-lube, if needed.

Oh, and NO whistles or flashlights…PLEASE!

Any questions, call or text Hobo Rodeo at 757-348-5373, get her on Facebook (Danielle Wheeler) or Hashspace (Hobo Rodeo).


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