Lasertag Update


I just talked to the lady at the facility, and even though their recording says no outside food and drink, what they really mean is, “Just give us a heads up about coolers.” Sweet. They need a two weeks notice for booking, and they are free for March and April as of now. So, I’ve gotten some suggestions for when and when not to have it, and these are our options thus far:

March 5th & 6th
March 12th & 13th (Note the 13th is the Irish Channel Parade)
April 9th & 10th

March 19th & 20th (VDH3 Campout)
March 26th & 27th (Pastor and Udderly’s Wedding–if neither of you are planning on doing this, let me know)
April 2nd & 3rd (CCC 10K)
April 16th & 17th (Personal Engagment, i.e. Pirate Weekend)
I’ll not even go into the Jazzfest Schedule…

They have weekday and weekend rates, but I don’t see this happening on a week night, so I’ve narrowed our options down to Friday and Saturday night ($24.45 + tax). And, apparently they will deliver us approximately two slices of pizza per person :)

So, with that in hand, y’all let me know what’ll work ASAP, so we can get this thing going. Again, it’s open to whoever, and if we don’t get enough, I’ll open it to all of NOH3, but I figured I’d let y’all have dibs first :) Our maximum is 1000, apparently, but I think a smallish group seems to work best. Either way, the more people that show, the more targets I’ll have to hit…

– Hobo

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