Beer Mile – Tonight!

Forwarded to me from Spread ‘Em:

The idea is simple if you haven’t been before — bring some beer (typically a 6 or 12 pack is ample “left overs” for relays afterward (you’ll only need 4 for the event itself).  Bring something to keep it cold or some folks usually have extra room.

I have a table of suitable size for the event, itself.

If someone can bring some cones, that would be helpful.

A dry erase board and marker are also helpful and I haven’t done much to wrangle one of those, just yet.

We’ll probably proceed without a big clock, but if any of you folks have one that we can use, that would be great.

Other than that – try to get out there (Metairie Playground) around 6:45 – we’ll have a cocktail mile, I think, starting some time around 7pm and then we’ll start the beer heats (4-6 people per heat) after that.  No great rush – just RSVP or call and tell us to wait if you’re running behind.

Any questions –
For more on what a Beer Mile is, check their FAQ.

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