#112 – Spy vs. Spy


I know I know, we’ve had a bad run with virgin hares as of late, but A) you have to start somewhere, and B) shut up and hare you lazy bastard. This week we take our chances in the small (but not cabbage-scented) hands of Just Teeny.

May Breesus have mercy on our souls.

Also, if you have some clothes that you want the VDH3 Rabbit Logo silk screened onto, bring it! Here’s the low down:
– the cost will be $6.00 per print (so a back and front shirt will cost $12 to print)
– payment due with garment
– printed garments will be distributed at the voodoo christmas hash (date TBD)
– printing will be in black or white ink only (please specify)
– no guarantees of work (like last year, if the printer screws up and ruins your shirt, then that sucks)

Hares: Just Teeny (Virgin!) and Skin Whistle (Soooooo not a virgin hare)
When: December 10th, 6:30 pm
Where: Blockbuster/Circle K/Shell parking lot, 6225 S. Claiborne Ave New Orleans, LA 70125
Theme: Spy vs. Spy / Black or White attire

You know the usual deal – bring $1 and a six pack, $6 if you’re one of those beerless bastards. Bring a flashlight and a whistle. If you get cold easily, don’t be an idiot and not bring any warm clothes.

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