VooDoo #102 – Lack-A-Posse, Hey?

I usually joke in circle that there won’t be a quiz. Today is an exception, but don’t worry, it’s not difficult. There is a 10 second time limit though.

Aaaaaaaaaand go!

Does this week’s hash have to do with:
A) Lack-A-Virgin, Hey!
2) Chum Dumpster
C) Show Me Your Posse

Ok, pencils down, class.  HEY! 2Mo5Ho, I said pencils down! Do you want to sit on some ice again?
I didn’t think so.

If you chose C, congratulations, you win! And what’s your prize? A hash this week hared by Show Me Your Posse! Aw, don’t feel bad losers, you get a prize too – a hash this week hared by Show Me Your Posse! What are the chances?

This hash was supposed to be co-hared by Chum Dumpster, but looks like he got too nervous about his virgin lay – and I don’t blame him. That Posse is an animal! Rawwwrrr!

Meet up at the old Rock N’ Bowl at Tulane Ave. and S. Carrollton at 6:30, Posse is off at 7, and her posse (that’s us!) will follow shortly.

Hares: Show Me Your Posse
When: October 15th, 6:30 pm
Where: Old Rock N’ Bowl, Tulane Ave. and S. Carrollton, Mid-City

$1 and a 6-pack, $6 if you suck and don’t bring any beer. As always, don’t be the 1% that doesn’t bring your flashlight and a whistle!

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