VooDoo #96 – Hash Trash

Words cannot describe the trail left by our dear hares this past Thursday.

What can we say? 2 in the Mouth, 5 in the Hole’s (2Mo5Ho) first trail was about what one would expect from a virgin lay. Couple that with Queef Meter as a co-hare (who has only hared once, and that was with Missionary Impossible) and there’s no need to get into specifics.

In fact, all I’ll say is that for the ENTIRE circle, I had each of them sit on a bag of ice, bare-assed. Unfortunately, since things were so messed up, I had to run what could have been the world’s shortest circle. Hopefully, it’ll still learn ’em good.

I don’t really have much else to say except that we a a lone visitor, a bunch of new boots, and some still-wet-behind-the-ears hashers. Glad y’all could make it, hope to see ya soon.

On On,

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