VooDoo #94 – ASStrology Hash

You're Adopted!Hares: Hobo Rodeo and Whole Lotta Cum
When: August 13th, 6:30 pm
Where: In the Neutral Ground across from the Mid-City Bulldog (5135 Canal Blvd.), after the bus terminals.
Theme: Zodiac!

Alright, wankies and gentlewanks, let’s all cum together to help celebrate Hobo Rodeo’s annual tooth-and-nail battle to stay on the right side of 30! Since this will be the last year before she sucCUMbs to the Dark Side, let’s all give her the moral support she needs by dressing in full Zodiac attire!

Call it ‘Costume Therapy,’ if you will.

There are TWELVE months to choose from, you lazy bastards, and if you need help remembering or otherwise never had time to learn of such Pagan-y goodness, then go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrological_sign.

As usual, all should bring $1, a six-pack, and a pony with fancy ribbons in her mane…alright, just $1 and a six-pack.

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