VooDoo #90 – Bea and Fill Me Up’s Excellent Hash!

Bea and Fill Me Up's Excellent HashHares: Just Bea (Virgin Lay!) and Fill Me Up
Location: The old Curetons Gym on Metairie Road between Frisco Ave and Woods Ave.
When: July 16th, 7pm

Put on your hyper color tee-shirt, your neon biker shorts and mini skirt and grab your proton pack (or light saber or Red Rider) and let’s go party like it’s 1999, except how we did back when it was 1989… woah. Maybe we’ll even find out what Willis was talking about.

Here’s some totally righteous information on the 80’s if you’re too young to remember. (*ahem* lack-a-80’s hey!) liketotally80s.com

Same old bullshit applies – $1, a six pack. Whistles and flashlights are pretty rad, too.

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