A word from Dental Dam-zel

Thanks so much!
For my VooDoo Faithful…
I can’t express how amazed and awed I was at the unbelievable turnout and reception that Dock, Cougar Catcher and I got the other night.  We were completely blown away.  We had a great idea, and you all turned it into something spectacular.

We had such a wonderful time, and if I didn’t get to meet you or didn’t get to talk to you that much that’s because there were EIGHTY-FIVE PEOPLE THERE!!!!    I’m sorry if I didn’t spend enough time with everyone, but it was such a great time nonetheless.  We can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for the hash and the reception you gave us.  What a truly special (and I don’t mean “ride the short bus special”) group we are!

On-on-on-on-on  to our next 100!
Love and hugs,

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