#189- ThankyousirmayIhaveanother?!

This week you are weak Especially if you are a geek The only true test of strength Is how many chicks you can bank So this week we need to take a chance Or take a gamble on this awesome bromance This weeks start is at Broadway square Uptown Bitches Get yo’ paddle ON ON, Eyes up Here Hares: Just Mathilde (Virgin Lay) & Eyes Up Heeeere! Theme: Fratatude and Sorostitutes (You COULD wear your dirty toga from last week’s hash) When: Thursday, April 7th, 6:30pm Show, 7:00pm Geaux! Location: Broadway Square (Broadway St. and Perrier St.) Bring $1, 6 … Continue Reading#189- ThankyousirmayIhaveanother?!

#183-Fair Warning: Don’t Ever Look DOWN!

He’s named Eyes Up Here for a reason but we still fail to look anywhere but up. P.S. Knave should be very proud to find a successor who can probably do an elephant walk better than he can. Do not ever invite those fools to your house (i.e. bed) or you’ll have to burn your sheets and sanitize your walls. Fortunately there’s no “elephant” walking trail so this week’s run will start on the outskirt of City Park where we will hopefully have to chase a semi dressed lone hare. Hopefully Eyes’ mindful enough to end trail where we don’t … Continue Reading#183-Fair Warning: Don’t Ever Look DOWN!

#182 Luck be the “Lay”dy Thursday night

Reasons why 8 Lays a Week is LUCKY She’s getting lucky everyday…sometimes 10X more a week. Perhaps that’s why we hardly see her. She’s so lucky to do the deed with not one but TWO co-hares! First timer cherry unpopped Just Joe will have his first lay with her while Jizz Rag hops on to clean up their “mess” She’s an IRISH baby. Need I say more? She’s lucky that she’s not getting yogurt as her cake. That is my gift to her. Ask her about her infamous hoodie that caused a lot of gossip that led to her naming…They … Continue Reading#182 Luck be the “Lay”dy Thursday night

Who wears shorts short? Here in NOLA, men do.

Yeah, so I’m lagging on my own hash trash. Here in New Orleans, partying doesn’t stop after the hash and especially when Krewe du Vieux kicked off Carnival parading season this past Saturday. So how would one rate my haring hiatus with Non Stop Oral? Well actually, we don’t give a damn what you think BUT if you think you can do better, hare then! For the others who are on the fence about haring, here are a few tips I picked up from fellow hashers. 1) Be creative but try to keep it legal 2) Don’t color your flour … Continue ReadingWho wears shorts short? Here in NOLA, men do.

#177 – Dead Celebrities Recap

*This morning, I told EBS that I did not want to write trash because there wasn’t much to write about but I do love Tidy. He is who I look up to…seriously. Apparently last night, more people seem more concerned with mingling, drinking, singing, beer gardening, king caking, and po-boying than actually hashing. Just Sean should’ve popped his haring cherry with a taller co-hare so maybe he’d last longer than a 2 minutes on trail. So here’s a toast to all things short like the hash, this blog, and hare TidyBowlMan (by no means he’s “short” on other things). It … Continue Reading#177 – Dead Celebrities Recap