Come one, come all, to take in the sights and sounds (and feels) of the RUNNING OF THE BULLS PRE-PRE-LUBE! That’s right, the party is on Saturday, but Voodoo is getting warmed up!  Who needs to do laundry, anyway?  Don your white party pants and wet t-shirt wifebeater, wrap a red scarf or old pillowcase around your waist and neck, and bring your Spaniard-impersonating ass out to the Riverbend for this week’s RUNNING OF THE BULLSHIT. No seriously, dress up.  Get your ass to Goodwill or this will be a fucking lame hash.  Practice yelling “Ole!”  Eat some paella.  Or … Continue ReadingTrail #320 – RUNNING OF THE BULLSH!T

#308 – Dance Magic Dance

Stuff your crotch, bust out your eye shadow, brush up on your ball juggling skills, grab your goblin-herding stick, don that red and white striped onesie, dust off your whiny pre-teen attitude, and practice a creepy tendency to abduct babies; this week’s trail is going to be 80’s-tastic. Dance Magic Dance! Date: Thursday, April 18, 6:30 pm show, 7:00 pm GO! Theme: David Bowie’s Crotch in Labyrinth Bring: $1, 6 beers, whistle, flashlight, frontspiece, tight pants. Hares: Pussy Whisker, Whorebraham Lincoln Beer Hare: Just Kris Start: Bayou St. John Post Office, 501 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy Pre-Lube: Bayou Beer Garden, 326 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy On-After: … Continue Reading#308 – Dance Magic Dance


Babes! Bikinis! Abs! Pipe Wrenches!  Urine Asian’s Nipples! Come one come all to Voodoo’s THREE HUNDRETH TRAIL!  That’s right, it’s special, like Fucking Retarded on a shortbus, or Slam Bam in New Zealand, or Atomic Dyke at a beach volleyball tournament, or PS Knave in public. For ONE DOLLAR, ONE DAMN DOLLAR, YOU GET BEER, TRAIL! AND THERE’S A PATCH! What’s that? A PATCH?!  YES, and let me tell you, it’s SEXY AS HELL.   SO much sexier than the $3 you’re going to pay for it. Because I made it.  It’s so hot it’ll make Bladder go gay.  Which … Continue Reading#300 – THIS IS VOODOO HASHING!!!

#267 – Show What Yo’ Mama Gave Ya

Charming personality? Dashing good looks?  The ability to swallow a whole chocolate-covered banana without gagging?  This hash is all about showing us that mama didn’t raise no fool– or, at least, mama did something right to make you grow up to be a hasher.  Shake that money maker and sport your best ass-ets ‘cuz this trail’s going to be a show!   BRING: $1 hash cash, 6 beers for the beer cooler, flashlight, whistle, dat azz. 6:30 show, 7:00 GO!  Hash cash might close at Hares Away so get there on time durgnabbit! Start: Latter & Blum Property Management 5557 … Continue Reading#267 – Show What Yo’ Mama Gave Ya