VooDoo #104 – Hash Trash

In a fitting tribute to the best holiday of the year (other than Mardi Gras, of course) today’s trail ran us past a haunted house and through cemeteries and desolate back alleys. It was truly a frightening trail because we had Licks Em Young, barely a veteran himself, trying to teach Just Jarvis the ways of the hare. Yet through some miracle the trail actually turned out half-decent! There were even a couple of YBFs thrown in there. Though there wasn’t nearly enough zig-zagging through gravestones and mausoleums in my opinion. It’s not that I like trampling the dead with … Continue ReadingVooDoo #104 – Hash Trash

VooDoo #103 – Drag Race!

Hike up those halter tops and step into those strappy shoes, my young, well-hung sausages, because this week’s hash is going to be an all-out, no-holds-barred, no-groping-barred DRAG RACE! And by this I mean a race to freak out as many families as possible while they’re just trying to enjoy a nice evening in City Park. So don’t come dressed in a NASCAR jumpsuit; we’re talking drag queens here. If you can’t think of anything to wear, just think “WWNCTD?” (What would No-Cunt Troll do?) And bring your transvestite friends, they’ll fit right in. The hash will start in front … Continue ReadingVooDoo #103 – Drag Race!

VooDoo #99.5 – Hash Trash

Okay, well, I’ve been away for quite awhile but now I’m BACK to make you suffer through my long diatribes about the minute details of every single VooDoo Hash (FML)! Yay. In fact, I was even so refreshed from my hashing hiatus that I was able to earn the rank of FRB tonight! Well, that and there were plenty of new boots eager to bite the falses (losers). Erectiaphobic also drank with me as FBI and Tempur Penis blamed some dog on his DFL status.  No excuses, Tempur.  I know “bestiality’s best” and all, but come on. The trail was … Continue ReadingVooDoo #99.5 – Hash Trash

A Drinking Club

I’ve been hashing for almost two years now and I recently discovered Flying Booger’s Half-Mind Weblog, which I’ve been reading on occasion.  It’s always edifying to read up on the history and practice of the glorious pastime we call hashing, and get someone else’s take on it.  You’d never know how much the tradition of hashing can vary from place to place until you read about other kennels.  Plus, Flying Booger’s website is a wealth of links to various hashing resources, not to mention the home of the famous Half-Mind Hymnal (of which I have a printed copy). Today’s post, … Continue ReadingA Drinking Club

VDH3 Red Skirt Run and NOH3 Red Dress Pre-Lube

This week, we’ve all been seeing red. The NOH3 Red Skirt Run on Monday.  RDR Expo at Ernst Cafe.  VooDoo Red Skirt Run on Thursday.  Red Dress Pre-Lube on Friday.  If you were anywhere near New Orleans’ French Quarter or the Marigny this week, then it is impossible that you haven’t seen people in red dresses.  This has been a record breaking marathon of debauchery, and we haven’t even climaxed yet. The crazy red drunks started coursing through the quarter on Monday night and the flow hasn’t ebbed yet.  We’ve run up and down Bourbon Street, we’ve criss-crossed through Frenchmen, … Continue ReadingVDH3 Red Skirt Run and NOH3 Red Dress Pre-Lube