#209- Incest time in TEXAS!

So I guess that we are outsourcing now! Why do I saw that you ask? BECAUSE WE HAVE TWO HARES FROM TEXAS THIS WEEK! And to put the icing on the cake, the theme is “cowboys and cowgirls”, I am just surprised that it isn’t “steers and queers”.  So get your lassos and yellow roses go hashing. Remember bring ;a whistle, a flashlight, a six pack, a dollar, and your id. Who: Reverse Cowboy and White Girl Wasted When: 6:30 Show, 7:00 GO Where: Winn-Dixie on Tchoupitoulas Theme: Cowboys and Cowgirls Other things, HARES ARE NEEDED, we had to go … Continue Reading#209- Incest time in TEXAS!


I was informed tonight that we will be checking for ID’s AND beer. So when you register make sure that you have beer, a dollar, and your ID. If you are not drinking beer for some odd reason, we will mark you with something (to make sure you are of age). I know Math is hard, and hashing is easy, but you want to remember this: Beer+ $1+ I.D. = wristband = access to the casket and a frickin awesome time

#208- RED SKIRT RUN!!!

Yes it is that time of the year again! So get ready to wear that new skirt, old skirt, red skirt, but not a blue skirt! And the same goes as last year! NO SKIRT, NO RUN! If you remember last year we were short of beer at the end! To fix this problem we are going to stop at many a bar. So things to bring; A dollar (no coins, for rego),  a six pack (minimum), cash or something to use as a bar currency, a flash light, and a whistle. And new this week a photo ID to … Continue Reading#208- RED SKIRT RUN!!!


Red Dress Run Expo is next week at the Fairgrounds, Wed & Thur 5-9 and Fri 4-9 if you are interested in helping out please email reddressvolunteers@neworleansh​ash.com . Its usually a great time and gets you a chance to meet tons of people! And last year there was beer!

#206 Wine, Cheese, and STDS

Yea exactly, This is what happens when you let a redneck and hillbilly hare together, they make it classy. To add to the class, it is on the BESTBANK! We are changing it up a bit this week. Since the Texans aren’t nearly the alcoholics we thought they were, we still have some Kegs to float. So bring $5 and an extra dollar to cross the bridge. So dress real classy, or dress real trashy, and lets get hashy. List of things to bring: Flashlight, $5, whistle, toll, shiggy socks Things not recommended: Dogs, babies, cats, hipsters Who: Swamp Gravy, … Continue Reading#206 Wine, Cheese, and STDS