Hash Trash 179 – Like Anal Sex for the First Time

I’m back bitches! I know y’all missed me…I know lately I’ve been cumming more like 0 lays a week, like EBS so eagerly likes to call me, but I decided to make a return when I heard Slam Bam was leading this hash. Problem was I forgot that this loud mouth Wanker probably can’t stay focused enough for a blow job let alone an entire hash. I think this mother fucker must have seen some shiny string on trail and forgot how to throw down flour. First half took us around Tchop down to children’s hospital and along the railroad … Continue ReadingHash Trash 179 – Like Anal Sex for the First Time

#166 – VoodooHash 4th Analversary Hash

THIS WILL BE A FREE HASH, WITH OUT A SNACK KITTY…SO KEEP  YOUR DOLLAR TO BUY MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT, BEOCH! HA! We will meet at the Corner of Tchoupitoulas St and Napoleon Ave by da River, Dawlin! So, since I don’t know how many will show…I am bring just an ice chest/Ice…Should be a reasonable distance run, (alcohol levels in check) Bring some extra dollars …we may end (post circle) in a bar!  HINT!!! Our first running of VooDooHashHouseHarriers consisted of 6 people, I believe. Hare was: Vagina Minor Founders: Dental Damsel, Dock Cousteau AND, TidyBowlMan Others: Bend Over Rover, … Continue Reading#166 – VoodooHash 4th Analversary Hash

#163-Halloween Hangover

The Dickie Wong is back in the NO! Hide your kids, hide your wife! And he’s somehow convinced yours truly to hare with him this Thursday. Dickie and I want you to break out that dirty cum stained, beer soaked costume out of your dirty clothes hamper and bring it out to Coliseum Square on Thursday for a Costume Cornucopia. I don’t know about you drunken bastards but one weekend of drunken/candy ridden revelry was definitely not enough for my costume. I mean it isn’t everyday you can wear basically nothing, throw “Sexy” in front of a noun and call … Continue Reading#163-Halloween Hangover

Hash Trash #160 – I never cum with Butt Sex

First of all let me state…..Lakeshore Drive by UNO is probably not the best place to start and end a hash considering the 5-0 po-po close that street off at 9pm which a veteran resident of lakeview should know (cough cough Butt Sex cough cough) What a clusterfuck last night was.  We waited over an hour for the elusive Butt Sex to CUM, after all the talk of how AWESOME this lay would be and how we would experience Butt Sex like we never had before….he didn’t even show up! So we decided to stick with the only tried and … Continue ReadingHash Trash #160 – I never cum with Butt Sex

Hash Trash #159 – Columbus Layless

“I’m dissapointed no one swam except for Bumbletard”  -BB Dyke I, Teeny Weeny on Top, actually believe that if my fellow hashers took the eagle trail two  Thursday nights ago, we’d be in for a longer night of resuscitating (making out with) some hashers.  And the Hares: Brokeback and Princess Layless’ performance that night was anti-climatic since only one ‘tard got sopping wet while everyone else was left feeling  dry, cold, nipply, and slighted at one of the most “romantic” spot in New Orleans called the Point. Even though the on in had a spectacular 369 view of the lake, … Continue ReadingHash Trash #159 – Columbus Layless