The hash is a drinking club with a running problem, so feel free to drink and run. However, we do not support drinking and driving so have a designated driver, call a cab or plan ahead to get home safely if you have been drinking - there are more fun ways to get to play with handcuffs. We hash EVERY Thursday night at 7, rain or shine, CST or CDT. So bring a dollar and a six-pack of beer, and join us for the fun!

Make sure to also bring a whistle, a flashlight (it helps), and a sense of humor. For slightly more info, read about the VooDoo.

Trail #696 – Letterkenny!

So I was thinking about the hash the other day…
The Voodoo consists of hicks, skids, hockey players, and Christians. These are our problems.
Bring: $1 (no coins); 6-pack (glass discouraged), whistle, flashlight, cash for extra credit stops, flannel, hockey sticks, inappropriate hip thrusts, big city snipes, super soft birthday parties, electric lettuce, rave drugs, and your best farts.
Date: Thursday, January 9, 2020
Time: 6:30pm show, 7:00pm GO!
Theme: Letterkenny! If you don’t get it, just give yer balls a tug and figure it out!
Start Address: 6730 St. Claude Ave, just a step into Arabi (the closest we can get to Canada around here)
Hare & Co-hares: Mr. hEd, Shitler’s List, maybe Iceman?
Beer hare: Whoredini
Pre-Lube: Pirogue’s Whiskey Bayou, 6940 St. Claude Ave.
On-After: Pirogue’s Whiskey Bayou, 6940 St. Claude Ave.
Dog Friendly: That’s a Texas-sized 10-4
Is a dry bag, shiggy gear, or anything specific needed for trail? That’s a hard no.
Approx. -l-l-l–> length: 5-6 miles. Will give Walker’s a map so they can sort themselves out.
Trail is A to A-ish.
Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er!

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