Hash Trash #158 – Panties Panties Everywhere

Okay so I’ve been a huge slacker. I’ve only been averaging about 3 lays a week…..oh yea and I haven’t been keeping up with my hash trash lately either. But don’t you worry it was only a tiny hiatus and now I’m back and it’s gonna be goood don’t you worry.

Last Thursday’s hash was lacy, tightie-whitey, briefs, and boxers. Thankfully there were no Granny Panties…..

Yup all you wankers took my threat seriously and everyone was out in full theme for Tidy Bowl’s Underwear Birthday Hash. Even Game Ovary made it ON TIME for once! We took off from New York Pizza and headed through uptown and down St. Charles. There were a lot of dogs out on this trail but no Puppy Love?

The trail was fairly straight and the first half was a lot like our hare …. short. But explain me this? Who puts a YBF a block away from beer near? Apparently our hares do. Are you trying to steer me AWAY from the beer? I thought this was a DRINKING club with a RUNNING problem….

Second half of trail wasn’t as nice as the first half, at least for me and a few other veteran wankers. Missing Period, Slam Bam, Cock-A-Bootie-Boo, myself and a few others lost trail and kept wondering between Tchop and Mag hopelessly asking if anyone had seen any beer.  With a little call-in for help we found out our sorry asses got lost only about two blocks away from the ON-IN. We did a couple of down downs for that one.

Our dear Pastor Bait-her tried to run circle but apparently his sabbatical from hashing made him forget how to show our lovely virgins how to properly do a down-down. Bunk Fuck Whoops Just Candice had an incestual lesbian moment when she made two virgins CUM which gave all the males chubs (which was quite obvious since everyone was wearing underwear). Some of them even CAME out of their underwear and all the girls shuttered at the sight of Non-Stop Oral’s hot dog dance. We made sure to get back at this wanker for this unwanted display by introducing him to Old McDonald’s Whale. We sang Tidy a good ole happy birthday fuck you but I musta heard wrong because apparently he was given a cake? But I didn’t see any….totally disappointed. I wanted some short-cake!

Happy Birthday You old Wanker!

This week’s hash is still a mystery since Tidy Bowl Man apparently can’t seal the deal but thankful Princess Lay-less has volunteered to step in (since he can’t get any himself) with possibly Broke Back Dyke?? Maybe that’s why he can’t get any pussy because he’s been swinging the other way. Don’t worry Lay-less, Broke Back Dyke will take it easy on you if it’s your first time.  Better see you Wankers out there this week in full theme again (whatever that might be).


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