VooDoo #99 – Jawohl, mein Hares!

GERMANSROCKINGTHEFUCKOUTOktoberfest Prelube!!! Presented by Stickie Lawndroppings and Immoral Confessions.
Are you ready? The official 2009 Oktoberfest season starts on Saturday October 19th in Munich Germany.
But the Voodoo has to start early. The start is in the CBD, where we left off last week, in the parking lot at Poydras and Loyola.

Das theme ist German!
Der Mann: Your best Lederhosen, suspenders, hats, and general GerMANliness.
Frauen: dresses, beer girl costume, you know what to do.
neither? you can always come as a chicken or a giant sausage, wankers.

Also, there’s a stop at a place where you’ll need extra cash for drinks!

So, to recap:
Hares: Dickie Wongstockings and Oral Impression
When: September 17th, 6:30 pm
Where: Parking Lot at Poydras and Loyola
Theme: German! Oktoberfest!

$1 and a 6-pack, $6 if you suck and don’t bring any bier (that’s German for beer). Extra cash for the bier stop.
As always, don’t be the 1% that doesn’t bring your flashlight and a whistle!

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